Engineering & Landscape Architecture Solutions in Florida

Unlimited Qualifications in 14 Separate FDOT Workgroups


Planning, Transportation Engineering and Landscape Architecture

METRO CONSULTING GROUP, LLC (METRO) is an entrepreneur-led, highly qualified professional services firm licensed to practice engineering and landscape architecture in Florida. Our core beliefs are founded on Faith Courage and Enthusiasm. We passionately pursue cost-effective solutions that permit our team to produce extraordinary results for our clients through personalized services. We are a “One Stop” firm, guiding our clients to the right solutions within their budgets.

Personalized Services

Whether our client is the Florida Department of Transportation, local municipalities, private developers, or a local homeowner association, or if the project is large, medium, or small we deliver responsive personalized services that meet our client’s needs. When necessary, we bring likeminded cost-efficient firms to our projects, enabling our firm to be the one stop for professional services for your infrastructure needs. We personally commit to your projects from Day 1 through construction, or as necessary.

METRO Consulting Group, LLC

Value-Oriented Solutions to Your Infrastructure Needs

The combination of our firm with other similarly minded firms makes no task work order is too small or large. We have a proven history of developing solutions that have provided extraordinary value that lower your capital investments for infrastructure. Our approach to design is to develop a cost-effective “low carbon footprint” solution. Whether it was the development of a traffic model that demonstrated that additional capacity was not necessary for the design year or developing a unique drainage solution that removed flooding while preserving the existing underground pipe network, we minimize the use of carbon, reducing your initial and long-term maintenance costs.