About Us
METRO Consulting Group, LLC

Dwayne Darbonne, PE

Managing Member – Engineering and Operations

METRO Consulting Group, LLC

Karina A. Veaudry, RLA

Manager – Landscape Architecture

An Entrepreneur-Led firm with Extraordinary Qualifications

Before forming METRO Consulting Group, LLC, Dwayne Darbonne worked his way up from an entry level engineer to Vice President of an International Engineering firm. He served as a project engineer for 17 years before spending the remainder of his career as a project manager and client representative responsible for complete client satisfaction. His focus has always been on the engineering, and through his career he has developed very innovative and cost-efficient designs that often require a smaller carbon footprint. In 2010, he decided to leave the corporate engineering world and to create a firm that is highly qualified, responsive, and cost efficient, producing high quality deliverables on time and within our client’s budget. He is joined by Karina Veaudry, RLA who has served as President of the Florida Native Plant Society, where she has developed a reputation as a statewide authority on native plant landscape design. Karina is an entrepreneur in her own right, through the forming of her own landscape architectural firm. Since our inception, our principals from two separate fields have joined to create a new age firm that blends transportation infrastructure enhanced by landscape architecture.

Team Capabilities

Our team currently consists of

  • Urban Planners
  • Transportation Planners
  • Transit Planners
  • PD&E Specialists
  • Environmental Scientists
  • Social Scientists
  • Highway Design Engineers
  • Drainage Engineer
  • Permitting Specialists
  • Traffic Operations Engineers
  • Bridge Inspection Engineers
  • Landscape Architects
  • Graphic Artists
METRO Consulting Group, LLC
METRO Consulting Group, LLC

Specialized Services

Our Unlimited Qualifications in FDOT Work Groups extends to

2.0     PD&E Studies

3.1     Minor Roadway Design

3.2     Major Roadway Design

3.3     Controlled Access Roadway Design

5.4     Conventional Bridge Inspection

6.1     Traffic Engineering Studies

6.2     Traffic Signal Timing

7.1     Signing & Pavement Marking

7.3     Signalization

13.4     Systems Planning

13.5     Subarea / Corridor Planning

13.6     Land Planning / Engineering

13.7     Transportation Statistics

15.0     Landscape Architecture